Eco-friendly coffee.
A coffee that meets environmental, social, and ethical standards.

It’s coffee that reduces harm to the environment and its inhabitants by protecting and restoring native forests, creating fair and equitable conditions for trade and employment, and minimising damage to local and global ecosystems.

Our mission

Currently, environmentally and ethically certified coffee makes up only a tiny percentage of the huge amount of coffee consumed globally each year.

Eco-friendly coffee is harder to find, often more expensive, and can be confusing with the wide variety of different certifications with complex approval criteria.

Our goal is to make buying eco-friendly coffee as simple, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

We do this by providing easy access to quality information; helping our readers make informed decisions about their coffee purchases.

By promoting and showcasing growers, suppliers, and roasters who produce environmentally and socially conscious products, we aim to increase the market share for eco-friendly coffee providers.

Bringing attention and awareness to the negative impacts of the conventional coffee industry is our mission, as we aim to encourage people to switch to a more sustainable and socially-conscious coffee.

Our recommendation process

Providing information that our readers can trust to find coffee products that are right for them is our highest priority. Our promise is to always be transparent and open in everything we do. Trust is key and we will never let money or corporate interests come before our core values

Who we are

We are coffee fanatics and environmentalists who decided it was time to put our skills in marketing, communications, and design towards something we truly care about and believe in.

In a world where it’s easy to feel helpless amid the threat of a changing climate, Eco-Friendly Coffee is our attempt to make positive changes in our own lives and hopefully those of our readers.

We are not environmental scientists, economists, or even trained baristas. We’re just average people who find enjoyment in hours of dry scientific articles and research. With that in mind, if you’d like to be involved or have feedback on what we’re doing please get in touch.

So, what’s in it for us?

We use affiliate links and advertisements to help us pay for the ongoing maintenance, research, and improvement of this site. Through the support of our community, we will continue to grow, expanding our coverage and the depth of information available.

Dreaming big, being paid for the many hours we pour into this passion project is a long-term goal of ours. Rest assured, the truth about the coffee industry and the continual improvement of our habits will always come first. For now, the opportunity to positively affect our society and protect the wild natural ecosystems we hold dear is more than enough.

– Ben & Josh